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Welcome to the new and improved THSLL website. The goal is for you to quickly find everything you need on our site.

  1. THSLL Districts - This menu will quickly jump you to the district pages. Each district has their own menu selection. Select the district to bring up its own menu and teams
    1. District Home – Home page of the district
    2. News – News specific to the district
    3. Upcoming Games - Game schedules for the district
    4. Scores - Current and past scores for the district
    5. Standings - District standings
    6. Playoff Information - Displays and district specific playoff information (City championships, etc)    
    7. Awards - District player awards
    8. District Files - District specific files
    9. Schedules - Download all game schedules
    10. District Calendar - District specific calendar
    11. Contact the Coordinator - Contact form to contact the coordinator
  2. Home – Returns you to the main page
  3. Coach Login / Secure Area – This area is for program coaches and administrator with access to the THSLL site to log in and access their team’s information. If you are already logged in, the link will say Secure Area instead.
  4. News and Events  - All news is searachable.
    1. News – Overall THSLL news
    2. Job Openings – Various lacrosse job openings around the state.
    3. Camps and Clinics – Various camps and/or clinics that the league has been informed of.
    4. Document Library – Searchable library of files uploaded over the years. Rulebooks, Board meeting minutes, templates, etc.
  5. Games
    1. Standings – List of teams by district/class with their standings for the current and past seasons.
    2. League Scores – Browse scores by district/class for current and past seasons
    3. Upcoming Games – Gives you a glance into the upcoming games with different filters.
  6. State Championships
    1. Championship Information – Takes you to the main championship screen to see FAQs, News, and brackets
    2. Championship Archive – View brackets and game results for previous seasons
    3. Past Programs – Download PDF files of the state weekend program back to 1998!
    4. Super Regionals Information – Main page to show FAQ and information for Super Regionals
  7. Rules/Awards
    1. League Rules – View and download the league rules, fee structure for both the league and officials. Waivers can also be found on this page.
    2. Game Fees – A breakdown of game fees
    3. League Awards – League level awards
    4. District Awards – View All-State, All-District, and Honorable Mention by district for different seasons.
  8. About the THSLL
    1. About the THSLL – General background on the league including board positions, bylaws, and duties.
    2. Board of Directors – Current Board of Directors, their position, and voting status.
    3. Lacrosse 101 – Beginners guide to lacrosse.
    4. League Calendar – Shows the details of the league calendar that the member programs voted and approved.
    5. THSLL and UIL – A summary of the current state of Lacrose becoming a UIL sport in Texas.
  9. Sponsors – League level sponsors.
  10. Video Archives – A link to the THSLL YouTube page which has past state championship games available for viewing.
  11. Contact Us – Send the league a general question. Please note that this should not be used for rosters, game reports, and score reports
  12. Help – You are reading it! As new pages are introduces they will be added here.

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